For sale is a Lyon & Healy 8′ Viola which is from Opus 1420.

It is missing one pipe (C6 (high C pipe 61)). Basses are mitered to G1. Comes with a “dulciana” rackboard, toeboard, and slider. I only have a few pipes of the dulciana. These are not quite the same scale, but the rackboards can be easily modified to fit the Viola. Two miters are broken off but included. Pipes are in good condition otherwise, just dirty.

$100 OBO.

Pickup available for free near Chicago O’Hare Airport. Delivery available for $1 per mile round trip within 100 miles of Chicago. Pipe trays not included, so prepare to have your own way of storage. $75 per tray if you need trays.

Please see the picture gallery below for more information, or please use the contact page to get in touch for other questions or to order.

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